Wednesday, October 14, 2015

People tend to forget the joys

of properly-functioning drains.

This message brought to you by "The plumbing is fixed and I don't have to use the hose to shower in the back yard."  Although the dogs did seem to find it entertaining.


skidmark said...

Many of the DIY car washes are now putting in doggie washing bays. One of the homeless guys I buy coffee says it's best to go there after most of the rest of the world has tucked itself into bed for the night.

Though it might be advisable to wear a pair of shorts or something.

A true lather, rinse, repeat experience.

Just in case the drains FUBAR again.

stay safe.

Firehand said...

Son had mentioned that in the Seattle-Tacoma area. Once saw a couple of guys pull in with a 4WD, a boat, and a very muddy dog; while one guy washed the hardware, the other took the dog to the bath