Friday, October 16, 2015

Yes, at least part of the Army is trying hard to whitewash this mess.

Any other questions?  Like maybe about the politicians in uniform trying to make it go away?

Said it before: do these idiots not realize, or just not care, what damage this is doing to morale, to trust?

Thomas Jeffersons' chemical lab discovered.  I like this part:
The room was sealed in one of the lower-floor walls of the iconic Rotunda in the mid-1840s and protected from a fire in 1895 that destroyed much of the building’s interior.
"Let's seal this off, it doesn't fit with what we want people to see", probably.  And may well have saved it for us.

Anyone who thinks Dear Leader isn't trying to influence this...
Yes, there is the possibility that he's just so self-centered that the problem never occurred to him before opening his mouth; I doubt it.

Take that, cat people

 And now, if you'll excuse me, I need to buy a plug to repair an extension cord

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