Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Hope to try out the CherryBalmz-lubed stuff tomorrow

Not today, as plumbers are under the house and will be there for a while.

That blob of Black Rifle Balm I put on the plastic?  It's been sitting on that desk front ever since; it finally sagged down to about the quarter-inch mark.  It'll run a little, but not much.

I was able to get the use of a .22 conversion for a full-size 1911 as well, so I'll try it with the Ma Deuce Juice.  And I cleaned the 15-22 for the first time in, well, quite a while, and re-lubed it with the Black Rifle Balm.  If you're not familiar with the S&W 15-22, the bolt, recoil spring/guide rod, and rails are installed as a unit; the bolt rides on the rails and never touches the upper receiver.  So the only places you lube are the guide rod and the rails, which were given a light coat.

Have to say, while the face of the bolt was fairly cruddy with powder fouling, that was about it.  The trigger parts had some, but that just wiped off.  Considering there'd been something between 500-1000 rounds through it since it was last cleaned, that's not bad.

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