Thursday, October 15, 2015

Those Radians do-it-yourself custom earplugs?

holding up well.  Still seal, still stay in place.  Makes me wonder if I could take one of the earbud sets that has the short wand on each side, drill a hole through these or another set and put those in for listening while riding.

Also, having now worn them a number of times on the bike, they're just as satisfactory there.

No, didn't watch the Democrat debate last night; all but one a socialist, and of those only one will openly say what he is, and it was pretty well known ahead of time what would come out: "Evil rich people, pay more, I will give you more free shit payed for by someone else," etc.  One exception being Webb.  And of course they sneered at him; men like him make the eunuchs uncomfortable.


Anonymous said...

I was hesitant about asking this, but I'll do it anyway:
What is the surface of the final, cured radian earplugs like? Do they get lots of nasty dirt/ear wax build up or do they have a fairly smooth surface?

Firehand said...

Assuming you do it right, it's a pretty smooth, impermeable surface. The traces of wax that's been found on mine just wiped off, or you could wash it with warm water and something like dish soap.

By 'do it right' I mean 'Follow the directions', which I didn't quite on the first. After mixing you're supposed to roll the material into a smooth ball, then push it into the ear; on the first one I forgot the 'roll into ball' part, so there's a couple of creases inside and out on mine that look almost like cracks.