Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Well, he was named Governor Moonbeam for reason

Governor Jerry Brown has vetoed "Right to Try" legislation passed by large bipartisan majorities of both houses of the California legislature. In my recent Washington Examiner column on "Right to Try," I noted that 24 states have adopted such measures, championed by the Goldwater Institute, which would allow terminal patients access to medicines certified as safe but not approved for use by the Food and Drug Administration. Brown justified his veto on the grounds that the FDA already has a compassionate use policy that allows some patients some access to these drugs. But as the Goldwater Institute points out, that process is incredibly cumbersome and only a small percentage of those in need are able to jump through all its hoops.
So, to Brown, assisted suicide is just peachy, but a state law saying "If you're terminal, you can  try this treatment even if not approved" is not.  Because... I don't have the damndest idea.

After all the angst and screaming about Columbus Day, some alternate names were suggested:
Happy Indigenous Peoples Rediscovered By A European Day
Happy Northern Indians Ran Off the Vikings But Caribbean Indians Couldn't Manage It Day
There's got to be some more annoying names we can come up with.

And they call people who own guns nuts...

Because all too often, when seconds count, the police are minutes away.


tkdkerry said...

"Because... I don't have the damndest idea."

Perhaps because at their core, progressives believe themselves to be superior. Given that, it's inevitable that they view everyone else as lesser beings, to the point of being less than human. Why stoop to provide help or hope for lesser beings?

Firehand said...

That's a downright scary insight, largely because you may be right. I'm reminded of that guy who was investigating the Weathermen, and how calmly the group was taking the idea of murdering about 25million people 'because the revolution would require it'.