Monday, October 12, 2015

And Sanders now boils down to "I won't take (all) your guns, BUT-"

On the other hand, where there is a problem is there is evidence that manufacturers, gun manufacturers, do know that they’re selling a whole lot of guns in an area that really should not be buying that many guns. That many of those guns are going to other areas, probably for criminal purposes. So can we take another look at that liability issue? Yes.
I will pass over this idiot not knowing how sales actually work(he is a socialist, you expect better?), and focus on this 'People who make things should read the minds of the people who'll buy them down the road' idiocy.

And lots of people think he's their savior...

Overall looks like Carson did well here, but when the interviewer said “So I want to ask you, who wants to confiscate all the guns of the American citizens?” Carson should've given him some quotes; Diety knows there's enough of them out there.

More zero-tolerance stupid.
School officials would not discuss the issue with the media.
"We do not wish to discuss this with you commoners."

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