Sunday, October 11, 2015

And yet more NHS wonders from Britain

NHS trusts in England have racked up a deficit approaching £1 billion in the first three months of the financial year - the worst financial position "in a generation," regulators have said.

The figure is more than the £820 million overspend for the entire previous year.
Ah yes, the system Obama and Clinton minions insist we should copy as it works so well.
They said the “staggering” figures would result in widespread cutbacks to services, with lengthening waiting times and increased rationing of care.
But- we were told rationing was a fiction, nothing we needed to worry about!
The official reports also show NHS trusts are missing key waiting time targets, including cancer and Accident and Emergency patients.

In total, 29,000 patients waited on a trolley for more than four hours at foundation trusts – a rise of one third in a year. 
Yeah, this is working great, isn't it?

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Jerry The Geek said...

I've been mentioning waiting-times and failure-to-provide-services in the National Health Service plan for years, and had not one single comment in all that time.

Either everyone shrugs and says to self: "What else is new?", or they don't care.

Now that Obama and Friends are working hard to put the same plan into operation in the United States ... there is still no coordinated body of dissent.

Where is the outrage?

My best guess is that everyone in the U.S. expects that our congress-critters will look out for us.

Yeah .. like THAT has ever happened before.

We get the government we deserve? I only WISH!