Monday, September 21, 2015

...changing the reports in order to appeal to what they perceived as the Obama administration’s official line

that the anti-ISIS campaign was making progress and would eventually end with the group’s destruction.
Gee, I wonder why they might've done that?

If this is true, then there are some brass that need to be looking for new jobs.

Our allies.  What's being done to our troops to support our allies in Afghanistan.

General Napier had the right idea.  Screw 'their culture', they want our help they need to stop this crap.

Mark Steyn on the current "Mr. Trump, why didn't you correct what that man said!" crap:
1) Unlike Hillary Clinton's under-attended "rallies", a voter doesn't have to undergo a background check or sign a piece of paper pledging to support her in the election before being permitted into a Republican candidate's presence. So at our campaign events there are all kinds of people with all kinds of views - and it goes without saying I won't agree with them all. If you find that odd, maybe you've been covering Hillary too long.

2) Why does one Republican candidate's "scandal" get hung around the neck of every other guy's? I'll answer your question to me about Donald Trump's 'gaffe' after you ask Bernie Sanders, Martin O'Malley, Lincoln Chafee and Joe Biden about Hillary Clinton's server and how she handled Benghazi. Till then, get lost.
Oh yes, there's more.

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