Saturday, September 26, 2015

Earplug report

Which is part of a range report, but the rest I'll get to later.

Spent several hours at the outdoor range the other day(busy out there this time of year), with the do-it-yourself custom-mold Radians earplugs in.  Pluses:
They stayed in place the whole time.  No adjusting or reseating needed.
Worked as well as any earplugs I've used.
Comfortable under the earmuffs.

I can't think of any.

I'm sold on the things.  And at ten-eleven bucks(plus shipping, depending) they're equal to or less pricy than most of the good earplugs I've used. 

One thing about the earmuff matter: on an AR, when I'm wearing muffs I have to lift the right-side muff about halfway up my ear to get my cheek on the stock(another reason to wear plugs as well); when means that on some earplugs, it gets damn uncomfortable after a few minutes.  Not really a problem with these.   Were a couple of times could have used a bit more muffling, but when the second bench down has a 7mm Magnum, and the one a couple down from that a .338 Lapua(with recoil-reducing-blow-the-hat-off-the-poor-bastards-on-either-side muzzle device), it's a bit loud no matter what you're wearing.

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