Sunday, September 20, 2015

What happens when they stop being scientists

and become politicians:
You have signed the death warrant for science.
What stirred this up?
In February, Rep. Raul Grijalva, D-Ariz., attempted a McCarthyite witch hunt against climate scientists he found disagreeable. And Sheldon Whitehouse is sitting U.S. Senator. He’s now publicly encouraging legal persecution of people who conduct scientific research and/or those that have opinions about it he disagrees with.
And twenty climate scientists signed a letter to Obama and his AG asking them to do this...

Part of Prof. Currys' response:
What you have done with your letter is the worst kind of irresponsible advocacy, which is to attempt to silence scientists that disagree with you by invoking RICO.  It is bad enough that politicians such as Whitehouse and Grijalvi are playing this sort of political game with science and scientists, but I regard it as highly unethical for scientists to support defeating scientists with whom you disagree by such methods.   Since I was one of the scientists called out in Grijalvi’s witch hunts, I can only infer that I am one of the scientists you are seeking to silence.

Peter Webster did not exaggerate when he wrote:
You have signed the death warrant for science.

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Pawpaw said...

Worked out well for Galileo, didn't it?

The various national science boards should immediately "disbar" anyone who supports prosecution of skeptics. Science must be skeptical, or it will quit asking questions.