Monday, September 21, 2015

Mr. Clooney, couple of things to say:

First, until you hypocritical assholes get rid of
gleaming grey Lexus and a black Porsche Carrera as well as a tiny two seater electric Tango 600 plus various motorbikes.

But it’s a fair bet the family ‘Vette has pride of place in his heart.
and start getting around in one of the electrified roller skates you claim to be so fond of, I don't believe you actually believe the crap you spout about 'evil oil' and 'globular warmering/climate change/humans suck'.

Second, a note for you: 'mandatory volunteer service' would actually have one of two proper names: either 'indentured servitude' or 'slavery'.  You first, dirtbag.

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