Thursday, August 06, 2015

Well, hell NO the Brady group won't take responsibility for it;

they'll let the people they helped push into this idiocy be screwed.
That said, I wish we had made mention of it in our story. I agree it is relevant to the overall discussion. We reached out to the Brady Center and specifically asked them *why they would provide legal counsel for the case, but not pick up the attorneys’ fees after the dismissal. They never responded to our request…and I think I should have outlined that lack of response in our piece.

And that's it, because this is me today*

*stolen from Miguel

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markm said...

It's gross malpractice if the lawyers didn't inform that family that their gunstore suit was a huge stretch under federal law, and that they'd be on the hook when they lost it. They should recover their losses quite easily in a malpractice suit. If the bar association was any good at enforcing ethics, those lawyers should be disbarred.

But it's rather awkward doing that to your employer's legal team...