Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Yeah, the Planned Parenthood mess is as bad as they feared

“Where we probably have an edge over other organizations, our organization has been doing research for many many years,” explains Farrell. When researchers need a specific part from the aborted fetus, Farrell says, “We bake that into our contract, and our protocol, that we follow this, so we deviate from our standard in order to do that.”
Asked specifically if this means Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast can change abortion procedures to supply intact fetal specimens, Farrell affirms, “Some of our doctors in the past have projects and they’re collecting the specimens, so they do it in a way that they get the best specimens, so I know it can happen.“
Sounds like someone in business getting specimens for customers more than anything else, doesn't it?  Add that to this:
“Stem Express is trying to suppress a specific video recording,” Daleidan told CNN’s Alisyn Camerata.

“In a meeting with their top leadership, they admitted that they sometimes get fully intact fetuses shipped to their laboratory from the abortion clinics they work with, and that could be prima facie evidence of born alive infants. And so that’s why they’re trying to suppress that videotape and they’re very scared of it.”
Well, yeah. Because that would mean murder.  And even a lot of die-hard Abortion-at-any-time people just might have a slight problem with that.

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Anonymous said...

A lot of Abortion-at-any-time people might have a problem with that? I'm not so sure. Everyone knows that abortion and infanticide are and always have been morally equivalent. Some people are just that desensitized. Some people are just that entitled. "It's my CHOICE! If I don't own my body then I'm a SLAVE! You're trying to take my CHOICE away!" To which the response of "No, you made your choice eight months ago, and now you're trying to take all choices and everything else away from an innocent bystander" is generally not well accepted.