Thursday, August 06, 2015

A: Good thing: the Navy won't file charges

on the Lt. Commander.
B: Bad thing: I'd bet the only reason is how pissed people were at the idea.
C: Bet his career is over.  He Broke A Rule, And Will Be Punished Somehow.

The Kurds are actually fighting ISIS, and having success, so of course Obama & Co. are good with something that damages the Kurds.
Yes, I know, there are Kurdish terrorists hitting Turks, etc.  Problem:
"'Turkey doesn’t intend to target IS with this safe zone. The Turkish government was seriously disturbed by Kurds trying to create an autonomous state in Syria,' he said, adding that ‘the safe zone is intended to stop the Kurds, not IS.'"
And I think there's a problem with this:
In contrast, the Islamic State has no such aims on Turkey and does not have the wherewithal to undertake such an enterprise—even if it wanted to. Turks have a long history of secularism and are not receptive to the strict Islamism of ISIS. For the time being, therefore, the Turkish state will pretend to be fighting ISIS while directing its violence towards the PKK and the YPG.
Except Turkey is being run, from what I've read, by the Muslim Brotherhood.  Which doesn't exactly seem hostile to ISIS.  And has purged the Turk military of lots of officers who might have a problem with Turkey being pushed into a theocracy.  Lots of Turks aren't happy with it, but after all this can they actually do what he suggests?

Yeah, this is outside my areas of expertise. 
(kind of like it's outside Obamas'...)

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