Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Now sue their ninja-suited asses off

The Milan family sued the department, and last week the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals decided that the police had no legal immunity for being sued by the Milans for their actions that day.
Damn right.  Because not only did the do a 'Kick in the doors and toss grenades' raid when it wasn't needed,
...It took them only a day to discover that it was indeed he who was responsible—he had used Mrs. Milan's open network to threaten the police. But rather than give him the SWAT-team treatment, the police politely requested that he come to police headquarters, which he did, where he was arrested without incident. (He was prosecuted for the threats, pleaded guilty, and was given a sixteen-month prison sentence.) The police department's kid-gloves treatment of Murray is in startling contrast to their flash- bang assault on Mrs. Milan's home.
Sue the department, and sue these idiots personally for damages.  It's a good start.

There are reasons they used to be called 'revenuers'.  And shot at.  Sounds like we may need to go back to that.

And Californicated wonders why people and businesses keep moving out...

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