Thursday, June 04, 2015

Rep. Blackburn, has there been anything out of this IRS and/or Koskinen

that would make you think they'd still answer to Congress, or the law?  

In response, the IRS sent Blackburn a form letter, which Blackburn received late Wednesday. The letter thanked her for submitting the request, and said the IRS has an "ongoing examination program" to ensure tax-exempt groups comply with tax law.

"The information you submitted will be considered in this program," it said. The letter was from Margaret Von Lienen, director of exempt organizations examinations, but she didn't sign it.

They're sitting there with Obama still using them as enforcers, Koskinen willing to lie under oath, and another Obama-selected AG who's not going to go after the IRS(or anybody else unless they've got a 'R' after their name or wear a badge) short of- possibly- Koskinen being caught committing murder?

If that 'can't even bother to sign it' doesn't tell you the contempt they have for Congress, nothing will.  You know what just might work?  Start sending out subpoenas, and if people like to you or refuse to show up, arrest warrants that actually put them in a cell.

Otherwise, you'll get nothing.

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KM said...

But the DOJ has to play along. (fat chance) Otherwise it's just some congresscritter flapping their jaws without consequence....again and again and again.

If I ever get into trouble, I can only hope it's the US congress that has me in their crosshairs. A more worthless, toothless bunch of blowhards has never been seen. Those clowns actually think they can tell the NSA what to do!!