Tuesday, June 02, 2015

And now "Yes, there's global warming BUT

Climate change means rain is returning to previously drought-stricken areas of Africa exactly 30 years since Live Aid raised £150million to help starving people there, a new study has revealed.
But now research by scientists at the National Centre for Atmospheric Science at the University of Reading, has shown how increased greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, which have caused climate change, have triggered a return of crucial seasonal rains to the Sahel region.
Etc.  And how have they decided this?
The researchers used a supercomputer climate simulator to study different influences on North African rainfall.
Followed by "But the greenhouse gasses are still going to get us!  The models say so!"

Allow me to introduce, if you don't already know of him, Freeman Dyson:
What’s wrong with the models. I mean, I haven’t examined them in detail, (but) I know roughly what’s in them. And the basic problem is that in the case of climate, very small structures, like clouds, dominate. And you cannot model them in any realistic way. They are far too small and too diverse.

So they say, ‘We represent cloudiness by a parameter,’ but I call it a fudge factor. So then you have a formula, which tells you if you have so much cloudiness and so much humidity, and so much temperature, and so much pressure, what will be the result... But if you are using it for a different climate, when you have twice as much carbon dioxide, there is no guarantee that that’s right. There is no way to test it.

That's just part of what he has to say on the subject, I'd suggest reading the whole thing.  He drives the AGW people up the walls, because they can't claim he's ' not a real scientist'.

So, we now have "Global warming is real, but it's saving people.  But it's still terrible, and we need to stop it!"  They want their cake AND a replacement.


Windy Wilson said...

Greater and more comprehensive economic control to save people from climate disaster said to result from the command economies masquerading as "Free Enterprise" is, like gun control, all about the control.
Gun control could be disproven by greater crime after restrictions, but wild-eyed, frothing-mouthed claims of death and destruction 100 years from now as a result of having a back garden and a car big enough to take a family on vacation with camping equipment can't be disproven.

Gee, it is in fact a religion, which is why they want to burn (figuratively) the heretics.

Firehand said...

Wouldn't take much for some of them to do the burning literally

Torque said...

Odd thing about the '70's planet is freezing, to the '80's global warming and the front page news in '00 that the UK will never see snow again...

Carbon dioxide was taught to grade schoolers that is the "air needed for plants to breathe." In fact, greenhouses use Carbon Dioxide generators to add more CO2 to help the plants grow: