Thursday, June 04, 2015

It appears Obama chose the EPA Director because she's either as deluded

or(possibly both) as big a liar as he is.
EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy told Big Think in an interview that while there are limits to how much the federal government can do for issues like global warming, the public needs to trust how the EPA translates the “complicated” science into real-life actions.
Trust?  You expect us to trust you clowns?  Really?  Especially after this line?
“That’s why EPA can move environmental standards forward so effectively and grow jobs at the same time.”
It's amazing she can say crap like that with a straight face.  And not need to wipe said face afterward.

About that new Oregon law,
Ralliers will refuse to comply with the new law and will continue to buy, sell, trade, and exchange firearms without going through the background check system. Opponents of the bill say that it infringes on the 2nd Amendment and law enforcement professionals, such as Palmer and many other county Sheriffs, say that it is unenforceable, as no one would know if the law was being broken if 2 people conduct a firearms transfer in their garage or in a parking lot.
Just like up in Washington.  So what do the "I want to jail those gun nuts!" police chiefs and sheriffs do when people- including lots of other LE- say "Screw you, we're not obeying."?  The jails aren't big enough, and the court costs and lawsuits...

Especially when you consider that's only a thousand or so who came out and said publicly "Screw you."


Dan said...

They know they can't stop everyone who wishes to ignore such laws from violating the law.....they also know that they need merely crucify in court the handful they do catch. No law is intended to catch 100% of it's violators. The key is to make sure the handful who are caught are punished very thoroughly and very publicly to scare others into rethinking their choices. Doesn't matter what the law is or what it is they are trying to control. The strategy is the same.....make an example of the few you catch and the rest will be if not deterred at least made to be more cautious or furtive.

Anonymous said...

Take what Dan suggests and turn it around. What do you suppose the impact of taking a random group of 100 politicians into the public square for some good ol fashioned frontier justice?