Wednesday, June 03, 2015

And Disney Syndrome strikes again

...Bison have gored two people in the Old Faithful area within the past three weeks.
The latest attack Tuesday was an especially violent scene, as a bison charged a 62-year-old Australian man and flung him into the air several times.
The attack happened as a group of people crowded near the bison as it lay on grass near a paved trail. The man was taking photos of the shaggy beast from just a few feet, but the whole crowd was much too close, park officials said.
"They're in a park and used to people, so if you are of good heart and have good intentions, they won't hurt you."  Or some such stupidity.

Which reminded me of this
You can hear the supposed adult shooting the video taking note of the warning signs, and thinking it's funny.  They're damn lucky it decided they weren't worth a full-out attack.

Wonder if the kids actually got the idea?

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Windy Wilson said...

The author Ernest Thompson Seton, who wrote for the Boy Scouts among other works he produced, called the authors who anthropomorphized animals "nature-fakers". It is endemic today, and I put every last environmentalist who does not also hunt in that category.