Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Yes, I'm still alive

Storms all over western and central OK, some of those nasty rotating windstorms, hail, high winds, etc.  Spring, in other words.

News just announced that a animal sanctuary east of Tuttle(a ways south of here) took a hit and some of the critters are loose.  Considering this could involve tigers and lions and bears and such, that could get interesting.

Rained like hell here, heavier in nearby areas.  It's been one of those "Move a mile and conditions are different.  Maybe greatly" scenarios.  Lots of flooding in low areas.  Section of I-35 in Norman is closed due to a mix of storm damage, crashed cars, and crap on the roads after the biggest tornado crossed there.  The (maybe only) good thing about this is that nothing has been in the F4 or F5 categories, and most of them seem to have hopscotched along. 

Most.  A few had some fairly long times on the ground, and some may have moved very little while they were down.  It'll take a while for the weather people to sort it all out.

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