Thursday, May 07, 2015

According to the rain gauge in my yard,

an even 3" from the time this started yesterday evening until it stopped late last night.

That makes about 5.5-6" total since Tuesday evening. And my area got a lot less last night than some places just a little south. 

And the current forecast: big area under a flash-flood warning for the next while, and a 50% chance of more showers and storms today.  Then 60-70% through Saturday night.

Currently a lot of people who pretend to believe in free speech- including a bunch of media morons who depend on it- are running around blaming the victims for the latest jihadi attack.  Because 'You should have known' and 'You should not tempt-' and other such bullcrap.  And a new wrinkle from that idiot Van Susteren: 'By speaking out this way you put cops at risk, you naughty people!'

Followed by the mayor of Garland: Her actions put my police officers, my citizens and others at risk. Her program invited an incendiary reaction.
Yeah, that's great Mr. Mayor: so ANYONE who says or does ANYTHING that might put cops or anyone else at risk shouldn't be allowed to do so?  Don't say or do anything that might cause risk?  You plan on enforcing that against everyone, or only against people you don't like?

Morons.  They'd silence us all in the names of Peace and Safety.

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