Monday, May 04, 2015

What the brothers in jihad of those two in Texas are up to

More than 300 Yazidi prisoners have been slaughtered by Islamic State militants near Mosul in Iraq.

According to the Yazidi Progress Party, hundreds were murdered by Isis on Friday in the Tal Afar district.

It comes after around 40,000 people were kidnapped at gunpoint when the terrorists attacked Yazidi villages last summer.

A little more from the Daily Mail:
An American jihadi allegedly called for Charlie Hebdo-style attacl at a Texas 'draw Muhammad' event more than a week before it was attacked by two gunmen.

Mohamed Abdullahi Hassan, a 25-year-old fighter with the Al Shabaab terrorist group in Somalia, is thought to have posted messages urging violence against the event in the city of Garland, pre-empting the eventual attack.

NPR: continuing the lie in their corrections.  Wonderful.

Nope.  Not even close.

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