Saturday, August 09, 2014

"Yeah, we lied about this for two years, but

it's not a BIG lie.  And it'll help the bomb squad!"
Right.  That's why you lied about it for two friggin' years.

Eric Holder and his 'Justice' Dept. get a big kick in the ass on voter id.
The Justice Department had actually argued that even if black voters turned out at higher rates under voter ID (which they do), because blacks have to take the bus more and their life is generally harder, then voter ID and curtailing early voting violates the Voting Rights Act.

It's possible this is a simple case of 'Idiots with badges and guns', but I have to wonder:
Eyewitnesses called the police, stating that Crawford was “waving a rifle around” in the store and pointing it at children. Another call claimed Crawford was loading the gun in the pet section and was about to start shooting. In the background, someone was yelling that they’d been shot.
Considering all the "I see someone open-carrying, I'll call the cops and say they're threatening people!" crap we've heard from the gun bigots, I have to wonder if some of them just got a guy killed.

A Californicated Democrat doesn't want the commoners to be allowed to own body armor.
The ban would not apply to body armor already in private hands, but Honda says law enforcement might want to encourage people to turn in the items anyhow. “If there are records of sales [law enforcement] could track those down,” he says.
'Because it may be legal, but we don't want you to have it.  So we'll ignore actual crimes and spend time trying to track down owners of legal stuff we don't approve of."

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