Saturday, August 09, 2014

It appears the Bureau of Land Management has been pissing-off

just about everyone.
James Perkins sees the federal Bureau of Land Management more as a belligerent occupying army than a government agency serving U.S. citizens, including those like him in south-central Utah.

Perkins is the sheriff of Garfield County, a rural bastion the size of Connecticut with only 5,500 residents, where 90% of the land is maintained by the BLM. The relationship between local law enforcement and often heavily armed federal officers has always been tense, and now threatens to reach a breaking point.
In an interview, he described an incident this year in which a county detective was investigating whether a BLM officer had failed to report a traffic accident, as required by law.

"I was told by the chief of BLM law enforcement in Utah that we had no right to investigate one of his officers and that the matter should have been turned over to their internal affairs division," Perkins said. "When

I'm told by the federal government that I don't have the authority to investigate crimes in my county, well, that's just troublesome to me."
Sounds about standard for a lot of fed agencies anymore.  Especially this told to a Rep.:
"Nobody is trying to take away weapons from BLM law enforcement people, but some of these regulatory agencies have SWAT teams or what they call special-event tactical units," Stewart said. "When I asked when these agencies deploy their units, I was told they couldn't answer that. This isn't the CIA or FBI. Why can't they tell the American people their rules of engagement?"
A:  A bunch of these clowns NEED to have their noisy toys taken away from them.
B: One of the problems with the EffingBI for decades has been this "WE are Feds, you commoners have no need to know what we're doing" attitude; they don't get a break on this either.

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