Monday, August 04, 2014

Sounds like the fusion center bullshit from a couple of years ago,

doesn't it?
Law enforcement is much more concerned about sovereign citizens, Islamic extremists, and militia/patriot group members compared to the fringe groups of the far right, including Christian Identity believers, reconstructed traditionalists (i.e., Odinists), idiosyncratic sectarians (i.e., survivalists), and members of doomsday cults. In fact, sovereign citizens were the top concern of law enforcement, but the concern about whether most groups were a serious terrorist threat actually declined for most groups (e.g., the KKK; Christian Identity; Neo-Nazis; Racist Skinheads; Extremist Environmentalists; Extreme Animal Rights Extremists). 
See any mention of Occupy there?  Notice the downgrading of the eco-terrorists?

And just who's behind this?
 The National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START) is supported in part by the Science and Technology Directorate of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security through a Center of Excellence program based at the University of Maryland…
The authors of this report are David Carter, Ph.D. , Michigan State University ; Steve Chermak, Ph.D. , Michigan State University; Jeremy Carter, Ph.D., Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis; Jack Drew, Michigan State University.
Hmmm... bunch of academics announce that them evil right-wingers are the REAL threats... couldn't be any bias there.

A doc has some thoughts about some of the scare-stuff going around about Ebola.  Short version: "This ain't Africa, and some of this isn't as bad as people think."

Awww, Pelosi got her feelings hurt.  And then lied about getting an apology.

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