Sunday, August 03, 2014

And the project bike is begun

Or a little further along.  Whatever.
With the following removed:
Gas tank
Rear fender

Among the things that need doing is some muffler repair
It's still amazingly quiet(Honda does mufflers quite well), but this has to be fixed.  After browsing around to see if a replacement is available(no), I'll find a piece of suitable sheet steel, cut and bend it to fit, and have it welded on, then the whole system will get a coat of header paint.  If it can't be welded, then I'll have to find some aftermarket slip-on that'll work.

Next step is to drain the oil, and remove the engine so I can replace the cam chain and tensioner/guide.  And somewhere in all this take down the carb for a serious cleaning.  It's been a long time since I messed with one, this may be touchy.  I think the first thing after pulling the engine will be spraying it with a degreaser and washing off all the crap that accumulated from that slight fuel-line leak, though.

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