Saturday, July 26, 2014

The nasty little bastard who set up Obamacare: "Of course it's blackmail,

that's what we're counting on to make this go through!"
But a second speech, this time in the form of audio, surfaced this morning in which he makes the same claims before the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco at around the same time. In it, Gruber actively acknowledges that should if states revolt en masse, they’d bring down the law. But, he said, that he had enough faith in democracy to believe that even the states that didn’t like Obamacare would eventually succumb to the “ultimate threat” that “if your governor doesn’t set up an exchange, you are losing hundreds of millions of dollars in tax credits to be delivered to your citizens.”
Gruber's 'faith in democracy': "If we steal enough of your money, and threaten not to give any of it back unless you do what we want, we can make you bow down and obey."

Directly connected: the IRS complicity(we're supposed to trust these bastards on ANYTHING, why?)
And it was entirely political. Democrats needed those subsidies. The party had assumed that dangling subsidies before the states would induce them to set up exchanges. When dozens instead refused, the White House was faced with the prospect that citizens in 36 states—two-thirds of the country—would be exposed to the full cost of ObamaCare’s overpriced insurance. The backlash would have been horrific, potentially forcing Democrats to reopen the law, or even costing President Obama re-election.
The White House viewed it as imperative, therefore, that IRS bureaucrats ignore the law’s text and come up with a politically helpful rule. The evidence shows that career officials at the IRS did indeed do as Treasury Department and Health and Human Services Department officials told them. This, despite the fact that the IRS is supposed to be insulated from political meddling. 
Yet in March 2011, Emily McMahon, the acting assistant secretary for tax policy at the Treasury Department (a political hire), saw a news article that noted a growing legal focus on the meaning of that text. She forwarded it to the working group, which in turn decided to elevate the issue—according to Congress’s report—to “senior IRS and Treasury officials.” The office of the IRS chief counsel—one of two positions appointed by the president—drafted a memo telling the group that it should read the text to mean that everyone, in every exchange, got subsidies. At some point between March 10 and March 15, 2011, the reference to “Exchanges established by the State” disappeared from the draft rule.

Emails viewed by congressional investigators nonetheless showed that Treasury and the IRS remained worried they were breaking the law. An email exchange between Treasury employees in the spring of 2011 expressed concern that they had no statutory authority to deem a federally run exchange the equivalent of a state-run exchange.
But they followed orders anyway.  And, as I recall, they found that the chief counsel was in the loop of 'Screw with the conservatives' actions by the IRS.


Differ said...

Once more the IRS are being persuaded to break the law in favor of the current corrupt administration...hopefully this will be the straw that breaks the camel's back.....but I'm not holding my breath.

Windy Wilson said...

Gruber's 'faith in democracy': "If we steal enough of your money, and threaten not to give any of it back unless you do what we want, we can make you bow down and obey."

Well, it worked for decades with Block Grants, and the Federal Highway Fund regarding national drinking age and highway speed limits.

It shouldn't be right to blackmail the states into doing things the Feds can't them do via a law expressly compelling them.