Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Former vegan notes that meat and such has good points;

usual suspects pissed off.  General run of comments: "You're full of crap, and you weren't a REAL vegan or you'd still be one!"

"You teabaggers can't fight the government(Oh dear Lenin, look how many guns they have!)!"

If this idiot had almost any other family name, he'd be looked on as the idiot he is.

Maybe when he said 'Most transparent administration EVER!', Obama meant "Your private life is the most transparent to us"?

Standard leftist bullshit: "We must have fairness in the numbers of kids admitted to these schools(no matter how many get screwed by our idea of 'fairness')!"

Gov. Howler is a very corrupt bastard:
...It was barely two months old when its investigators, hunting for violations of campaign-finance laws, issued a subpoena to a media-buying firm that had placed millions of dollars’ worth of advertisements for the New York State Democratic Party.

The investigators did not realize that the firm, Buying Time, also counted Mr. Cuomo among its clients, having bought the airtime for his campaign when he ran for governor in 2010. ...
Word that the subpoena had been served quickly reached Mr. Cuomo’s most senior aide, Lawrence S. Schwartz. He called one of the commission’s three co-chairs, William J. Fitzpatrick, the district attorney in Syracuse. “This is wrong,” Mr. Schwartz said, according to Mr. Fitzpatrick, whose account was corroborated by three other people told about the call at the time. He said the firm worked for the governor, and issued a simple directive: “Pull it back.” The subpoena was swiftly withdrawn. The panel’s chief investigator explained why in an email to the two other co-chairs later that afternoon. “They apparently produced ads for the governor,” she wrote.

Speaking of windmills,
A surprinsingly large number of wind turbines are involved in accidents around the world. Most of them are blades falling off, turbines collapsing, or nacelles burning down to a skeleton (400 - 800 litres of burning oil are not easy to extinguish, especially as firemen rarely have ladders long enough for these >100-meter long contraptions). Some human deaths have been reported.

A record is being kept at Caithness Windfarm Information Forum.

Some bush and forest fires have been caused by wind turbines, but such news have never surfaced, or have rapidly disappeared from the radar screen.

And last, it's nice when the communists admit what they are.  Watermelons, indeed.

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