Friday, July 25, 2014

Getting hot now, and after the last couple of days

I don't want to push it.  Therefore, I will sit here a bit and stir dissension 'mongst the populace.

Like pointing out that actually saying or doing anything here would've offended the third-world shithole of Sudan.  Therefore, better these people suffer than President Lightbringer speak up.

As son & wife were driving down the road the other day, saw this and got a picture

It had Oklahoma Highway Patrol stickers on it; I guess they decided the Tac Teams needed a super-tactical vehicle to carry all their tactical gear.

The DC Police at work: "Let's talk people into committing a crime so we can arrest them!"  Seems there are easier and more ethical ways to work, like arresting journalists and politicians who break gun laws.

I wish the story had the name or picture of this fine federal agent; they we could give him the fame he truly deserves.

What 'herd immunity' actually means.  And why we're in such trouble.

Yeah, a Carrington Event-level storm hitting would be bad.  Very.

How screwed-up was the response to the Navy Yard shooting?  This screwed-up.

Progressives and 'feminists' make up shit, and Huffpo prints it.  Gets called on it.

For a serving general officer to come out and say this... let's say he must have REALLY strong feelings on the matter.

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Jennifer said...

I've got high resolution shots of that. They brought it out to Edmond for the Independence Day parade a couple of years ago. Along with a lot of other whiz bang gear.