Sunday, July 20, 2014

Tab clearing

A sticker to really piss off all the right people.

NYPD once again playing "Screw the law, we do what we want."

A car ad about Ted Kennedy that REALLY set things off.

Hilda Solis, another Obama bigshot who broke the law.

Scientist wrote a book.  Sourced, footnoted, the whole works.  Subject offended the correct-thinking people, so they tried to destroy him.

They're still at it.

Chicago still leading the way.  In homicides and violence.

Rainier has a bigger magma reservoir than they'd thought.

They're finally attacking the IRS problem in a way that'll get their attention: cutting their budget.

Yeah, all those worries about islamists were just racism  and paranoia, right?

I think it was Glenn Reynolds who first remarked that a rerun of Carter might be a best-case scenario for the Obama presidency, and it appears he has understated the depth of the problem. This is what happens when you have a president who decides the U.S. can simply check out of world leadership. The Rand Pauls of the world have a point that the U.S. is overextended in the world, and a rethinking of our commitments and grand strategy is certainly a valid undertaking. I noted here two years ago, after John argued that we should withdraw from Afghanistan, that Winston Churchill might well have agreed.

But Obama is not giving us a thoughtful reconsideration of American grand strategy. He’s just bugging out.

This is friggin' disgusting.  The prosecutor and everyone on that grand jury should be punished for this.

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