Monday, July 21, 2014

Speaking of the border,

U.S. Border Patrol agents on the American side of the Rio Grande were forced to take cover Friday night when high-caliber weaponry was fired at them from the Mexican side of the river, sources told

"When the shooting stopped, about 40 to 50 people came out on the U.S. side and turned themselves in. So clearly the rounds were being fired to suppress every effort to stop anybody intervening with anyone or anything coming across," Gohmert added. "We have no idea what or how many or whom came across with the other illegal immigrants."
Saw this linked at Insty, and he asked So why didn’t they return the fire?  Answer is, because AG Eric Holder would hang them if they did.  He'd rather see them dead than someone hurt on the other side.  And if you think that's wrong, he'll call you a racist and a domestic terrorist.

Also on the subject,
“One in ten of every adult male crosser[s] in this day and age more than likely already has a violent criminal record here in the United States, has been removed, and is returning. Another one in ten, making it one in five, is bringing with him or her their violent criminal tendencies and records from their own countries of which we don't know yet” Coburn said.
And if you want to stop them, you're a racist.

Y'know, these idiots are going to push this to the point that calling someone racist is going to be ruled justification for challenge to a duel.

Of course it's a local problem; because if it wasn't
it would mean The Lightbringer screwed up(again), and that's not allowable.

In said Lightbringers' hometown,
An 11-year-girl was shot and killed during a slumber party as violence struck Chicago over the weekend, local media outlets reported on Sunday.

At least 40 people were shot, and four killed, in weekend violence in the third-largest U.S. city, the NBC affiliate in Chicago reported

I can see wanting to make a trip like that, but through Mexico?  Now?

The way feminists treat the women who disagree with them proves feminism is not as ‘pro-women’ as they would like to believe,” she says. “For as long as I have been active on social media, feminist have dominated it with their whining, constantly attacking me for my conservative, non feminist views. I was delighted to see the movement expand, knowing that I am not the only one who felt this way.”
You'll notice that the article had two people saying how bad this movement is, and only one speaking for it, and the two got a lot more space; bias much?

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