Tuesday, July 15, 2014

So the VA is even more corrupt

(corrupter?) than we thought, which hardly seems possible. 
As several committee aides were preparing to meet with officials July 2, one aide visited the restroom. In the restroom, the committee aide found a notebook that belonged to Acting Regional Director Diana Rubens,  apparently directing an official preparing for the briefing to ignore a certain committee aide’s questions. The notes also listed the names of two whistleblowers the committee had been in communication with as well as the names of committee investigators.

Rubens, who claimed that her comments on the notebook were taken out of context, and that she simply wrote the names down when they were mentioned to her.
Oh, sure.  Right.  Uh huh.

And this is the kind of 'excuse' they come up with:
The Under Secretary for Benefits apologized to the committee, clearly embarrassed.
“What occurred was not acceptable and not indicative in normal ways of which Ms. Ruben would behave,” Allison Hickey, the VA’s Undersecretary for Benefits, said. “I offer my sincere apologies to your staff and my commitment that it will not happen again. You’ll receive anything you need.”
Yeah, I bet.  When pigs fly out of my ass.


Country Boy said...

There may be problems in high places at the VA, but don't forget that there are a lot of people at every hospital working to make sure the veterans get the help they need. Congress and a few higher ups may be crippling things, but the workers are there for our Wounded Warriors.

Firehand said...

No doubt there's a lot of good ones; hell, they're the reason we know as much as we do about the problems.