Friday, July 18, 2014

A: The 'once again vacation-ready' clown in the oval office should've done this

six years ago.

B: Just because he says they'll 'allow exploration' doesn't mean it'll actually happen.
Geophysical research companies contracted by the oil and gas industry will still need to apply for individual permits before conducting tests and undergo strict environmental reviews.
Considering Empty-Hat Salazar, his successor,  and Obama have been quite happy being under a contempt order over screwing with exploration and drilling in the Gulf; what makes you think they won't game this?  First clue:
The American Petroleum Institute said Interior is keeping in place "arbitrary" restrictions that "lack scientific support," and that will "discourage" exploration.

The enviroweenies are crying the usual doom, and you know the usual suspects in Sodom on the Potomac will be sucking up to them for money and votes.  So I'll believe both the exploration(some may actually happen) and drilling(not while The Lightbringer is in office) when they happen.

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