Sunday, July 13, 2014

Read this, ref the OKC Bombing case

While the FBI did produce tapes from the buildings around the Murrah Building, the tapes had been edited, Trentadue said. As for the tapes from the cameras on the Murrah Building, the contents of which are described in a timeline prepared by the Secret Service, the FBI does not dispute that the existence of the unedited versions of the surveillance tapes recorded prior to the blast; instead, they say they cannot find them.
Two thoughts occur:
2: There's something one one or more that they consider so damaging that they'd rather say "We're incompetent" than let it be seen.

Here's the second part to think on:
In addition, FBI officials have refused to provided Trentadue, a one-time star athlete at the University of Southern California, with a copy of the original videotape showing the arrest of Timothy McVeigh as recorded on the dashboard camera of Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper Charles Hanger’s vehicle the day of the bombing.
Why?  Simple arrest, so what's the big effing deal?

Hey, FBI, y'know that if you hadn't pulled so much crap the last years that makes people not believe or trust you, you might not be in this hole.


Keith said...

Strange how tapes disappear, they did at Waco too.

newrebeluniv said...

maybe they are in the FBI museum in DC. That's where I would put them. Right next to Dillinger's guns.

Anonymous said...

If you are old enough to recall the OKC bombing, then you also may recall the bizarre succession of contradictory stories the BATF gave the press at the time.

"It was a gas main explosion."

"It was an accidental detonation of an antitank mine and a number of bombs and other destructive devices that were being held as evidence in the building's vaults."

Twenty years on, and at this point I'm not sure I believe that Timothy McVeigh ever even existed. Certainly the claim that he was captured almost immediately thereafter in a routine traffic stop resulting directly from speeding down I-40 doing over 100 mph in a rusted-out pickup truck with a homemade, hand-painted license plate that said "MILITIA," is one of the goddamnedest stories I've ever heard anyone say with a straight face. If you're not already nodding along, let me lay this out. The decorated combat vet, ex-military, who has, they solemnly tell us, gone off the reservation, who has declared war on all authority everywhere, who had the comic-book supervillain level genius to obtain an untraceably stolen rental truck, obtain many tons of ammonium nitrate fertilizer without anyone batting an eyelash, plus non-trivial quantities of detcord and military-grade high-output detonators, who has displayed astounding chutzpah and audacity, who hours before gave BATF a ten-ton truckbomb enema, decides to leave the scene of the crime in a vehicle without proper plates and drive in a manner seemingly calculated to bring him to the attention of every County Mountie with an unfilled traffic ticket quota, pulls over for the cops and meekly surrenders. Is that the story? Is that the happy horseshit the government and its propaganda organs are trying to sell me? Is this the Official Truth this week, or are we at war with Eastasia again? It all gets mixed up and you can't find the information. The prolefeed is full of stuff about someone named Justin Berber. I'm not sure he exists either.

You've got to forgive me. I've been having some problems with my memory ever since Big Brother increased the chocolate ration from thirty grams to twenty grams a few years back. I'm still looking for those "two white men in a white work truck" who shot up Washington DC back in 2002. OLDTHINKERS UNBELLYFEEL INGSOC