Sunday, July 13, 2014

Remember that investigation of child molesters in the Brit government?

I was pointed to a couple of other things on this; can you say 'The fix was in'?
Official efforts to cover up a VIP paedophile ring at the heart of the UK political establishment shamelessly goes on unabated.
If you Google (on the terms ‘Leon Brittan’ and ‘PIE’ (Paedophile Information Exchange) you’ll find this message from Google (at the bottom of the first page of results):
According to the censoring is because an official Cease and Desist order was sent to Google who had a legal obligation to remove some of the results.
This comes after former Tory Home Secretary Leon Brittan admitted today that he lied last year to a Channel 4 journalist about a detailed dossier on a VIP paedophile ring he was handed in the 1980s which was then promptly lost.

According to media sources, the late Geoffrey Dickens MP stumbled across evidence of an horrific child abuse scandal, linked to Parliament.

Despite informing the powers that be about the alleged abuse, no investigation ever took place and as per their usual  MO, Dickens himself became the target of a dirty tricks campaign to ensure his silence.

My, my, my, all kinds of nastiness.   Looking down through both blogs at some of the links...  if they actually, fully investigate this, it's going to get very nasty.  And it should.


Anonymous said...

In the UK, learned men have proven that pedophilia is normal and healthy.

I do not trust myself to comment further upon the matter without saying things that will upset someone.

Keith said...

It's getting more uncomfortable for the establishment with each passing day.

A retired judge was asked to chair a "public enquiry", her late brother was attorney general at the time

That brother "reportedly tried to stop Tory MP Geoffrey Dickens from using parliamentary privilege to name diplomat Sir Peter Hayman as a paedophile. He was accused of a "whitewash" after failing to prosecute Sir Peter. "

She's just stepped down from the job:

The chief elected parasite was calling for a new crime of failing to report allegations of child abuse for investigation, yet his response a few months back when a TV presenter handed him a list of alleged paedophiles on camera, was to say that he saw no point in persecuting "homosexuals" then to demand an apology from the tv presenter:

It doesn't look like this is going the way they'd like it to.

I wonder what other abuses are passing un noticed while everyone is looking at this?

Windy Wilson said...

So everyone reading this blog entry should go to Google and search "google censored great britain child molestation searches", just to get the point across.
Leftists always criticize corporations as having a right-wing agenda, whatever that is, but they are mostly spineless collections of men who want the money to continue to roll in, and so are more than willing to roll over for whatever government command points their way.
This is the same Google that is forever rolling over for the sensitive feeling of Red China, and has such desires to be considered international that it is against policy to show anything on its search page that is relevant to an American holiday.