Friday, July 18, 2014

When a bank has to worry about a DoJ flunky saying this,

the flunky needs to become unemployed, and his bosses as well.  Because you know they're encouraging this bullshit.
The DOJ official reportedly told the banker, “I don’t like this product, and I don’t believe it should have a place in our financial system. And if you don’t agree, there will be an immediate, unplanned audit of your entire bank.”
Of course, it's Eric Holder running the Do'J', so the chances of that happening are near zero.  Which is one more reason he should be removed from that office.

And really, should never have been put in it.

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Windy Wilson said...

Another reason to record the conversation, which in California is legal because there is the expectation that one or both parties will report it to his or her superiors (I'm an agent, I have to pass this along).