Thursday, April 03, 2014

Tab clearing. Also

family business calls the next few days, bloggage will be light to nonexistent.

Idiot who required five beanbag rounds, a taser and a shield to take out- and kill- a 95-year-old man?  Idiot with the shotgun's being charged.

Alcoholic Beverage Control agents who should've been fired a long time ago now being sued.

There's a reason that the anti-self-defense zealots refuse to make a distinction between the concepts of "guns everywhere," and "guns everywhere except where there is no potential need for them." It's because even they lack the audacity to try to dispute the fact that no such distinction exists.

Yes, Yee WOULD have tried to use it to push for more laws.  Maybe he was taking lessons from BATFE.

That's a good question: where IS Commie Steve Rattner during all this GM "We let people die because we were too cheap to fix the problem, and we're now Government Motors so leave us alone" crap?

Next time some asshole at Mozilla whines about 'unfair treatment' or 'free speech', they need a serious kick in the crotch.  Morons.
Just looked at the Mozilla blog: "Comments are closed"

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