Monday, March 31, 2014

Officer Jerry Bledsoe, you worked for your fame,

so why aren't you enjoying it?
To express his opinion that Officer Bledsoe was using his position to harass him for exercising his Second Amendment rights, Klaffer posted recordings of the May 1 encounter on YouTube and Facebook. And, on Instagram, he posted a picture of Bledsoe alongside a photo of Saddam Hussein, with the caption “Striking Resemblance.”

Officer Bledsoe retaliated by obtaining a court order that prevented Mr. Klaffer from posting videos, pictures, and text data criticizing Officer Bledsoe on the Internet. “A government order prohibiting criticism of government is the worst kind of censorship,” explains Tony Rothert, legal director of the ACLU of Missouri.

Officer Bledsoe, meet the Streisand Effect; I hope you enjoy it, you bastard.

And Judge Scott T. Horman?  You should have that black robe taken from you, as you obviously have no understanding of nor respect for the Constitution.  Jackass.

Apparently the offense against free speech was so nasty the ACLU was willing to dirty its hands by working with a gun owner; amazing.  Or it's possible the MO branch isn't full of gun bigots and statists.  Either way, they did good work here.

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Chris Mallory said...

To my knowledge, no one has ever posted photographs of Officer Jerry Bledsoe having relations with farm animals. To my knowledge no photos of Officer Jerry Bledsoe having relations with farm animals exist.