Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Sheriff's Office puts on their ninja suits and raid the wrong place;

continue searching- with the owner handcuffed on the floor- AFTER they know it.
Damaged property.
Then, to make this crap even better,
Huron County Common Pleas Court Judge Timothy Cardwell issued a secret gag order March 21 to seal the search warrant. The gag order is also secret, Cardwell’s court clerk said after the Register asked for a copy of the order.

And the criminal complaint that was filed with the Huron County Sheriff’s Office also is secret.

The Register learned the search warrant was gagged after Huron County Sheriff’s Capt. Ted Patrick failed to deliver on assurances he made Thursday, when he said he would follow up on the Register’s requests for the initial complaints that led to the search warrant.
Because nothing says 'Law Enforcement Professionals' like getting a judge help you try to cover-up and hide your screwups.

Note this:
Patrick, who for the past three years has routinely failed to follow the public records requirements of the Ohio Revised Code, was also unavailable.

Earlier this month, Sheriff Dane Howard agreed to have his command staff begin complying with state law.
Yeah, nothing gives you confidence  in the sheriff and his staff like knowingly breaking the law for years.  And it being a big event when he tells the staff to START following the law.

Reason you're not Officer Friendly anymore #372: incompetence, arrogance, criminal acts and enlisting a corrupt judge to try to hide it all.

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