Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Nice people Mayor Commissar has working for him

“NYPD fatally shoot knife-wielding man in Times Square. (VIDEO) F–k. The. Police,” ranted de Blasio volunteer coordinator Kicy Motley on Aug. 11 2012, after cops shot Darrius Kennedy, 51, on Seventh Avenue.

In addition to using gangsta-rap-like language to blast the cops, the campaign aide also slammed the NAACP in January for siding with drink companies against Bloomberg’s soda ban.

“@NAACP aka corporate d–k riders. Standing with soda makers for a few bucks,” she wrote.

In February, she linked to an article highlighting Bloomberg’s pro-gun-control efforts and wrote, “Hey rest of #America, welcome to Bloomberg using his #money to mess up your sh-t.”
Considering most of Comrade Mayors' voters hate cops, that won't bother them, but 'dick riders' i.e. 'homosexuals' as an insult to the NAAPCP?  That ought to be a problem.

Except she 'apologized'(of course).
“These tweets do not reflect my values, and I regret posting them in haste. I apologize for any pain they may have caused,” she said in a prepared statement released by the campaign.
She regrest posting them, which is why they remained there for over a year. OK.
But she's a good socialist and ass-kisser to de Blasio, so she'll be in that office as long as possible.

Speaking of nutcases in office, I give you Mayor Danny Jones of Charleston, WV:
near-hysterical member of MAIG and hoplophobe.  He's easy to spot at the start: he's the one with the "I'm going to explode" look and frozen body.
Thanks to Sean for finding this

This is from yesterday:
Late yesterday afternoon, Chairman of the House Oversight Committee Darrell Issa and Ranking Member of the Senate Judiciary Committee Chuck Grassley sent a letter to ATF Chief B. Todd Jones asking why major players in Operation Fast and Furious are still working at the agency, especially considering Jones said they were no longer employed. Although many agents and supervisors involved in the deadly operation have retired or resigned since 2010 when Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was killed with a gun trafficked to Mexican cartels during the program, not a single person has been fired.
And if Jones and Holder and Obama have their way, nobody will; because they WANTED all the deaths to happen, so they could use them for political purposes, therefore those corrupt bastards are to be protected(also so they don't talk; can you imagine what would happen if they did?)  Only some ATF agents who actually care about the law and truth let what they were doing out.

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