Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Don't negotiate with gun bigots and control freaks like Emanuel;

they'll do anything they can to screw as many people as possible out of their 2nd Amendment rights.

Boiled down: "We knew if we told the truth you wouldn't like it, so we lied(still are).  So shut up; your old insurance wasn't really insurance since it didn't have all the crap we want it to, so you're not actually losing your old police you're being herde- ah, transitioned to Obamacare(whether you want it or not)."

Oh yeah, I know most of those:
21 Things that only people who carry concealed would understand

Oh, crp.  Badly-sprained shoulder + sneeze = pain.

Saw some article about the death watch for Sebelius: 'When will she be fired, is Obama too loyal(snerk... what moron wrote that after all the people under the bus?) to fire her, will she be pressured out', etc.  Ever heard the song Joe the Georgian?  Second verse:
He steered us through the shadows, upon an angry tide,
And cast us one by one over the side.
Sounds familiar, doesn't it?


Marja said...

That concealed carry list: care to enlighten me about number 3?

Even if I know pretty much nothing about guns or carrying them I have always had a tendency towards 18, I do like being able to keep an eye on my surroundings, especially when they are full of people I don't know. And I think I'm pretty decent when it comes to surroundings awareness in general, due to years of working nights, when you walk on city streets alone around three in the morning a lot you tend to develop that, especially if you happen to be a woman who is just a little bit over 5 feet two. Except when I'm doing something like sitting somewhere like a train or bus, I do tend to zone out in those situations, at least if the trip is longer.

Firehand said...

Look at his left thumb: when he fires the slide is going to slide back and slam into it.

Marja said...

Aha. Thanks.

Keith said...

slightly OT:

seems CGI the no bid o'bama care website company has a vice pres who was in Michelle O'bama's class at princeton, and the two couples celebrated Christmas 2010 in the white house.

Makes you wonder doesn't it?