Tuesday, October 29, 2013

"Yes, we've been lying, but don't consider it a lie,

consider it just not precise enough to cover your getting screwed."

When he heard about the IRS abusing authority and breaking laws, he was shocked, SHOCKED! about it(doesn't look much like Renault, does he?)
Now his excuse for just about everything:*
The problem for the President is that this has become his administration's standard M.O. for virtually every bit of unpleasant news. The IRS is targeting conservatives?  The President didn't know. The DOJ is spying on reporters?  The President didn't know. The Obamacare website is a train wreck? The President didn't know. The U.S. is running guns to Mexican drug lords? The President didn't know. The NSA is tapping the German Chancellor's phone? We are SHOCKED to learn this!

In fact, he seems to learn of virtually everything "the same way most people do" - by watching the news.

Frankly, this just isn't cutting it anymore. By claiming that he's in the dark in his own White House, Obama has basically told us one of two things.
  A: He's lying, he knows exactly what's going on, and he both authorizes it and supports it.
  B: He's an absentee President who's abdicated his responsibilities to such a degree that he's presiding over a completely lawless administration.

Speaking of the IRS, "Give us more money, or else this'll screw up even worse than it's already going to."
I said a long time ago, "If the IRS thinks it's hated now, wait till they start acting as Obamacare enforcers." 

Harry Reid(Slimy Bastard D-NV) can call you a terrorist, a hostage-taker and anything else that comes to mind, but don't you dare reciprocate!  Then you're using childish language and damaging the comity of the Senate.

Any idea what this shell is?  I'm thinking some kind of HE.

*Gimme a break, I don't have photoshop and couldn't find his face in a Renault uniform


Marja said...

So, if your president 'didn't know' it's starting to sound a lot like he isn't doing his job. Now would anybody keep a worker who keeps using the same excuse - I didn't know, it was all my underlings doing - when projects he was supposed to be looking after keep on failing or the people working under his supervision keep on being found involved in downright criminal activities? What are you paying this guy for anyway?

Pity he seems to have so many 'friends' among the bosses (or maybe stockholders?) you probably can't fire him.

Heh. One can't help but keep on thinking of the movie 'Idiocracy', except that that movie seemed to be a tad wrong about who the idiots were. The hipster couple in the beginning, those who didn't manage to have children because they were too busy with their careers and everything, were, after all, most likely among those who voted for your celebrity president just because he was a celebrity (first black, well, half black, whee! who cares for performance credits...). So you may not have a celebrity wrestler president, but you do have that kind of poseur who appeals to the so called well educated (but not well educated in anything which would have practical real world value).

We had one of those for 12 years, by the way, the *first!* woman president of Finland. Had nice cats and handbags and all, and looked very motherly (had been a single mother of one child, got married to a long time boyfriend who had not been the father around the time she was a president, very much a local version of the grown up boomer hippy, defenders of the sexual minorities and lets hug trees aren't we enlightened generation - no, I didn't like her) , but she never seemed to do much except be photographed and be the subject of stories on women's magazines, and now there is a new expose book about how pretty much none of the actually important people took her seriously, and kept badmouthing her non-performance when among themselves (not surprised - and may I say again that I never voted for her)... hopefully that won't happen again, but who knows. Maybe some years from now Finns will do something like insist on voting for the *first!* president of immigrant stock, once the ones born here start becoming old enough, some nice looking Somali or something just because he's a Somali or something, but at least Finnish presidents no longer have all that much power when it comes to actually governing the land. Yours do.

Anonymous said...

If this keeps up his handlers are going to not let him watch the news anymore

Anonymous said...

It is a fin stabilized HEAT round.