Monday, October 28, 2013

The proper response to 'Do you forgive him?'

is 'Screw Rubio; he betrayed us once, he'll do it again, just like a minime McCain.'

Ran across this the other day; some people were all butthurt that Mike Rowe would actually go on Beck's show, and Rowe has a response:
If you want a detailed answer to your question, please take a moment to read my earlier reply to Bob Reidel, another crestfallen soul who couldn’t reconcile my association with a TV host that he personally despised. As you read it (out loud, if possible, and in a public place), kindly replace the words “Bob Reidel” with “Shannon K. Walsh,” and “Bill Maher” with “Glenn Beck.” But prepare yourself – you might be forced to conclude that my true objective here has little to do with winning or losing your approval.
More goodness in the story.

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Jennifer said...

I find most of what Mike Rowe has to say is worth listening to.