Thursday, July 11, 2013

This mess in Florida is... 'disgusting'

is a good word.
What fresh charge is this?
A third degree murder charge can only be had if a homicide occurs in the course of committing another felony.
So what felony was George Zimmerman guilty of committing at the time of the shooting? Is it illegal to have one's head repeatedly battered against the cement?
Nope. He is guilty, per the State's theory, of aggravated child abuse, the child in question being 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

An Ex-Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee tells CNN he was fired for not arresting Zimmerman. Bill Lee was pressured by city officials who didn’t care if Zimmerman was innocent, the city officials just wanted an arrest. Bill Lee told the officials you can’t arrest without probable cause, and was fired for upholding Zimmerman’s constitutional rights.
And on, and on.
There should be a whole string of disbarrments, and charges, on the clowns on the prosecution team.  And the judge ought to have that black robe taken away.

Because laws are for little people, not Rep. Conyers' minions.
Rep. John Conyers’ office manager, Betty Petrenz, had the pistol in her purse as she entered the building; she told police that she simply forgot she had it in there.

Petrenz faced no prosecution and was given what one prosecutor called "a gift" as a penalty. She received a ticket for having a gun on federal property and got what is called "pretrial diversion," a sentence that involves neither jail time nor a fine. It merely requires the person to be on good behavior for a specified period of time, after which the ticket is dismissed.

The Mayor of Chicago just can't stand the idea of honest citizens being armed; so he'll screw with them.  After all, it's a lot easier than, say, doing something about the bad guys.

And the laws he loves so much work so well, don't they?

There's currently a "Castle Doctrine makes crimes worse!" push by the Usual Suspects™ using this study; as usual, they're full of crap.

"This just in: salt will NOT kill you.  Food nazis and Mayor Bloomberg(but I repeat myself) hardest hit."

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