Friday, July 12, 2013

There's a 'personality' named Nancy Grace,

who appears to be an arrogant, bigoted and ignorant fool.
Hey, if Al Sharpton can have one, why can't a jackass like her?

My first thought is "What's about to blow up that Napolitano doesn't want to have to deal with?"

So we've got a contest between Chicago and Detroit to see which one goes all the way into the sewer line first. How's this for a list of police chiefs?
  1. Ella Bully-Cummings. 2003-2009. Notorious for putting baubles for corrupt Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and his family on the Department budget, resigned hastily in 2008 as Kilpatrick lost a photo finish with a criminal court (the first of many; he’s now awaiting sentencing on 24 more charges). 
  2. James Barren, PhD. 2008-2009. Fired abruptly in July, 2009 after a feral teen arrested for shooting seven other yout’s, killing four, walked because police bungled evidence collection.
  3. Warren C. Evans. 2009-2010. Resigned when it came out he was banging a female Detroit cop, and his cops conducted a raid for a reality TV show that went awry when a cop fired one shot. Hitting a child of 7 in the head and killing her stone dead. Best fact: the ethics-challenged Bully-Cummings was Evans’s ex-wife.
And that's just the first three.


markm said...

Nancy Grace earned a place near the top of Radley Balko's list of crooked prosecutors long ago. Her "television personality" job came after she was forced out of prosecuting. Do you know how much misconduct that takes? (I'll give you a hint; there's not much chance of Angela Corey facing serious consequences for the George Zimmerman prosecution, in which she and her team lied in the charging documents, concealed exculpatory evidence until just before trial, coached witnesses like a Hollywood director, and just now sent her two guys out to make closing arguments in which they explicitly appealed to the jurors' hearts, not minds, and avoided mention of evidence except for feeble attempts to cast doubt on the defense's narrative. (In a FL self-defense case, the prosecution has to disprove self-defense beyonds a reasonable doubt, and they're arguing only that there might be reasonable doubt as to some aspects of GZ's story. It pretty much shows that they know they should have moved for dismissal.)

markm said...

Chicago can't be in a drain-circling competition with Detroit, because Detroit went down the drain back when the Daleys still ran Chicago on the basis that you could skim a lot off the top, but taxpayers could only be robbed so much, and city services had better still _work_. I don't know if Rahm Emanuel is keeping that balance at all, but Chicago's economy can survive a lot of abuse. Even if it's lost the industry, it has a unique geographical position that dominates shipping: all the railroads and Interstate highways that cross the USA north of Denver go through the Chicago area, and it's where Great Lakes and Saint Lawrence Seaway shipping can meet Mississippi-Missouri-Ohio river barges. So the Chicago Board of Trade became the USA's major commodity market, and it will take a hell of a lot to persuade them to move out.

A hundred years ago, Detroit had diverse industries, including ship-building as well as carriage making. Those industries gradually were replaced by automobile manufacturing, but much of that started in the suburbs, although only a short bus ride from working-class neighborhoods in Detroit. But the industry kept moving out further into the suburbs until the commuting distances and times from Detroit became unmanageable. Families with any member holding a non-government job just have been a minority in Detroit for a couple of decades now. Political success hinges on promising welfare and circuses to the permanently unemployed, and higher pay and less work to the government workers - and anyone else foolish enough to live or work within city limits is going to be taxed to death to pay for that...