Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Statement from Hornady on the shortages

on their website.  Seems their suspending production of some less-in-demand items to concentrate on those with highest demand.

In other news, I have discovered, according to a some idiots on BookFace, that the whole REAL problem with the Martin/Zimmerman case is 'redneck white conservative gun owner assholes defending Zimmerman because he shot a black kid'.
Yes, really.
No, I don't know what color the grass is in their world.


Windy Wilson said...

Because some young punk casing the complex for burglaries ought to be able to either do so without the neighborhood watch watching him, or he ought to be able to beat said neighborhood watcher senseless for being on to his crime.

Do you think they see red when we see green, even though they call it "green"?

Anonymous said...

If people weren't hoarding ammo well beyond any rational need then there wouldn't be shortages. At some point, a lot of that hoarded ammo is going to reappear for sale at bargain prices and crash companies like Hornady.