Wednesday, July 10, 2013

This makes it sound like the prosecution is not only corrupt,

but incompetent.
Another familiar trend was the State’s tendency to ask questions to which they obviously didn’t know the answers, and getting blown up as a result.  For example, Guy sought to have Root state that the likely screamer could have been Trayvon Martin, if Zimmerman were pointing a gun at him.  Putting aside the fact that there is absolutely no evidence to support such a scenario, the question blew up in guy’s face when Root instead indicated that if he were in Trayvon Martin’s position, beating Zimmerman, and he saw Zimmerman’s gun, his most likely move would be to go for the gun–exactly as Zimmerman says Martin actually did.
Then on re-cross, State prosecutor Guy simply imploded, as the State has so often.  Guy asked whether it wasn’t true that GZ had other options, besides using his gun. Root answered, “No, given the totality of the circumstances, I don’t believe Zimmerman had any other option.”  It was almost as if the State had never deposed Root before, had simply never met this witness before his testimony in the courtroom.

Finally Guy was back on cross, and flailing even worse, if that’s imaginable. He challenged Root that he had never testified on behalf of a criminal defendant. “No, I have, twice, it’s in my CV,” answered Root. He challenged Root that the force continuum described was limited in its application to law enforcement. No, Root observed, it’s a simple conceptual model that’s effectively integrated in Florida’s self-defense statutes

And the judge is no great shakes, either.

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Windy Wilson said...

his most likely move would be to go for the gun–exactly as Zimmerman says Martin actually did.
Somebody you're sitting on points a gun at you so instead of trying to point it away from you, you sit there screaming? The Prosecution is from Cloud-cuckoo land.

And contrarily, it is reasonable for Zimmerman to scream; he's getting hurt, and being a responsible adult, he really doesn't want to shoot someone if he can help it, and the evidence for that is whatever CCW class he took where it was explained and predicted that if you do shoot someone you're in for a world of unpleasantness which Zimmerman's current situation is exhibit A.