Thursday, July 18, 2013

Obama would really prefer to rule;

anyone surprised?

Colorado state Rep. Jessie Ulibarri: farging idiot and gun bigot of the first order.
But mostly farging idiot.
“With a dry mouth and wet eyes, I angrily told him that he could not go outside and play a simple childhood game,” state Rep. Jessie Ulibarri wrote in a message he later promoted on the liberal blog ColoradoPols.

Ulibarri, who is Hispanic, was afraid his son would be profiled because of his dark skin. Zimmerman — who is also part Latino — was acquitted in the killing of Trayvon Martin, a black teenager.

Somehow, I don't think Rolling Stone expected this when they put a murdering terrorist on their cover.(NSFW language warning)

A: A lot of people really don't like it when a black man or woman goes off the plantation.
B: Does any one really believe that all those people calling Elder a house nigger is acceptable because it's other blacks saying it?

They'll scream about Zimmerman and evil whites, but not a damned one of them wants to talk about this:
Over the roughly month-long period from the commencement of jury selection on June 10 to the announcement of the verdict on July 12, the city of Chicago alone suffered a total of 61 murders, an average of 1.85 deaths per day. According to data available on the Chicago Tribune’s RedEye website, 52 of those killed were black, 43 were black males, and seven were children under the age of 18.
Because it would mean dealing with some real problems, instead of blaming someone else for everything.

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Anonymous said...

IIRC, about 15-20 years back the anti-gun side was harping on crime rates, highlighting the difference between European countries - which had strict, and some, very strict - gun ownership restrictions, and the U.S.

The pro-gun side pointed out at the time that if one were to remove from the data urban crime committed by blacks between 15 and 30 the U.S. crime rate was comparable to most European countries, and lower than a few.

Neither the data, nor the perpetrators, have changed. And, neither has the Powers That Be ignoring it.