Monday, July 15, 2013

Good question: how many of these

can you do?
78 Skills Everyone Should Know

I'll go over this later and check off what I can.  And watch some of the videos they link to.


Gerry N. said...

I know most of those, I can't do some of them any longer due to old age and decrepitude.

Pretty good list though.

I would add properly holding a pair of binoculars, making string from avialable materials and making black powder to the list.

Luton Ian said...

That's a good checklist. I've a few blanks in there which need to be adressed.

check this out - Spillables and breakables warning, and why is it to be phased out -rather than stopped with immediate effect, and the shouting nurses sued at the very least for cruelty, or better yet for murder

Luton Ian said...

and from your shores
It takes a special cruelty, one I would call beyond diabolical if there could be such a thing, to kill the family dog before notifying the family of a death.


Marja said...

I got a bit over a half of that list, but nearly half of those are things I have either last done so long ago, or have done only a few times, that I can't vouch how well I'd be able to do them now. Like making beer - a few times early 90's (not strictly speaking beer, but a Finnish variation called sahti). Or making fire without matches or lighter - again, only a few times, and it's been over a decade since last (flint, steel and very dry tinder, and it still took me about half an hour).

Or 'identify venomous snakes'. Only one in Finland, and that's the most common snake here, so that one, yes.

Well, I do drive stick shift very well since I have never owned a car with automatic transmission.

And I do know how to sharpen a knife, that I have done a lot. As well as loading backpacks, you'll find the time to learn the idea what is the smart way to do that sooner or later if you have to spend a few summers living from one. But since I have gotten most of my outdoors experience in Finnish Lapland during the summer I have never done some things, like tried navigating by the stars (you don't see them there during the summer, too light). Can find North Star though. And I have no idea how to locate water in areas where there is not much, finding water is not a problem here (how to get dry again can be) and the water is mostly very safe too. I have drank straight from swamp ponds and ditches, and never got any problems from it.

Fact is I don't even know how much water you should carry since I never had to.