Monday, March 11, 2013

Short tab-clearing, 'cause I'm not feeling it right now

A Henderson officer suspended after he drove a damaged SWAT vehicle until it caught fire drove at least a mile and a half with sparks shooting from the car.

 Kevin had a link to this; I'm about halfway through, interesting.

How's that space program going?

How dare we talk to black people like they're just other citizens?
And Joan Peterson joins in; yeah, we encourage honest people of whatever color to the ownership of arms, and it's because we're racist...

The FBI is not chasing down illegal aliens crossing the border.  They are not targeting the Mexican drug lords.  They are not eradicating MS-13.  They are not burrowing down deep into organized crime in the inner cities.  The folks who work in the field offices might get killed doing those things.
No, those things are hard to do.  They would rather wring their hands over “extremists” and Tannerite.  So there you have it.  Your tax dollars at work.

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